Details on project progress

The first demo is done. We're happy that many of you joined the discussion, and we hope we can turn all your suggestions into reality...

Most of your complaints focused on game controls. That is why we aim to put a stress on this part in the upcoming releases. We will enable strafeing, controls customization and ( probably if we can make them up ) more goodies. Although it will be possible to move only with the keys, for sure we won't disable mouse steering - it enables playing the game with only one hand and some of you have even called this option an advantage...

We would like the next demo to be a full demonstartion of the game, not only a simple presentation of some of the engine features with a stupid and linear plot. We do not promise anything, and we won't give any release dates. Anyway we will do what we can to reach this goal... It means we have to:

- create spell, spellbook and scroll systems
- create skill system
- create multiplayer and mages turnament modes
- create the alchemy system: custom potions
- character design ( 3 classes, editing )
- implementing AI for monsters, characters etc.
- introduce random elements: maps, items
- create base locations: school of magic arts, village
- enable interaction with NPC's
- create new monsters
- create new items
- create new locations
- create more graphics and music for everything
- introduce the story, quests and plots...

Simply Spellscape - a wild-goose chase ! (tm ;)

 ... in case someone doesn't fill the irony coming from this list, we remind you that we are still looking for help... ;)


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Project Progress