Spellscape Tech Demo 1 ( 11.6mb ) 
- First tech demo of the game 

[MIRROR 1]    [MIRROR 2]   [MIRROR 3]

We are looking for mirrors for the demo. If you have a site and you want to support us - write. 

Requirements :

- 200 MgHz CPU ( 800 MgHz recommended)
- Graphic Card with Direct3D accelertation ( GeForce 2 or better recommended )
- Direct Sound Compatibile Sound Card
- 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended)

Demo reqiures DirectX 8.1 which can be downloades from:

We would be very grateful to everyone who fills in the demo form included in the readme. 
Any suggestions, comments send to demo. For bug report please read "readme.txt".



Darkness, Magic & Adventure Theme ( 3.4mb ) 
- One of the new themes, currently used in game menu

Temple of Rho-Djin ( 1.6mb ) 
- Ambient music with nice voices and tremolo strings in the end, this one is in mp3PRO format...

Spellscape Theme ( 3mb ) 
- Main theme to the game, this one is to be re-recorded due to poor sample quality...


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