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Brief info:     

Spellscape is a project conducted by a small team of game developers from Poland. It is our plan to create a game that  combines advantages of both cRGP and Click&Slash genres. The action is taking place in a medieval-fantasy world created exclusively for the game...


Full game features:     

experience by facing darkness and pure evil in many forms

Venture deep into dungeons, swamps, temples, caves, castels and other amazing 3d environments full of fearsome beasts, deadly traps - but rich in treasures...

Master all 3 character classes to become anyone from a fearless worrior to a thundering wizzard...

Learn over 100 spells, each with unique visual effects

Talk, trade and learn new skills from NPC's

Create your own scrolls and potions by gathering herbs and other components

Complete hundreds of quests to discover the mysteries of the ancient times

Collect thousends of unique items with magical attributes 

Listen to over hour of original music

Find your way through the first-in-3d-games random locations in 3d

Battle in tournaments and join your friends in their games over LAN and Internet


The feature list is about to be expanded in the near future. If you have any ideas and suggestions please contact us.


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