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Frequently asked questions:    

1 - Is Spellscape an MMORPG?

No. Spellscape will be a standard cRPG game. There will be both single and multi player options.

2 - How much will Spellscape cost?

That is not known yet. Spellscape is an amateur project, so if we find no publisher the game will be free.

3 - Who is the sponsor of the project?

There is no sponsor. We work on the project alone in our spare time. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact us.

4 - Under what operating systems will the work run?

We make all efforts to make the game playable on all versions of the Windows OS. So far, the game was tested on Windows 2000, 98, ME and XP.

5 - What will the requirements be?

That is not known yet. So far the game has been developed on PII 800, 128mb RAM, GeForece 2 computer and it runs smoothly - over 60 fps in 1024x768 resolution. For the requirements of the tech demo see Downloads section.

6 - In what language Spellscape will be available?

For now we are translating the game both into polish and english. In future we plan to conduct more translations.

7 - How old are you, and have you made more games?

We are 20. We've been developing games for many years, but Spellscape is our first "big" project.

8 - Can I join you?

Yes. We are continously searching for people willing to help us. If you are interested in cooperating with us, go to the help wanted section.

9 - Can I buy and use Spellscape Engine?

The engine of the game has not beed finished yet - it is evolving along with the game. Perhaps when it is finished ( and equiped with documentation ) we will introduce a possibility to buy it.

10 - Can I be your beta-tester?

We are currently not looking for beta-testers - at present we have plenty of bugs and no one has to search for them. Unfortunately this is not going to change for some time...  

11 - Are you going to release the source of the game?

For sure we won't release the code until the game is finished - what comes then - the time will show... 

12 - Have you created the world by yourselfe or does it base on
       some other?

The world of Spellscape has been brought to live inside our heads. As far as we know it is quite original - of course it is imposible to create something completely difrent from all known rpg worlds.  

13 - Will the game feature other races?

The known part of the Spellscape world is inhabited with humans. Of course it is not known what hideous beasts and what species lurk beyond its borders... ;) 

14 - When can I enjoy the finished game?

At present you can only play our tech demo. It is to early to set any deadlines... 

If you have any other questions, ask.


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