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14.05.2004 - News ? After 2 years ?!

Welcome everybody. Since some time we have been considering the reactivation of the Spellscape Project. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do this. In the meantime we have completed a game called Pteroglider, which can be purchased on it's official web site

Depending on how we will do with the sales we will try to bring Spellscape back to life.

If you liked Spellscape and you liked Pteroglider we encourage you to buy the full version and thus contribute to the resurrection of the Spellscape project




38.10.2002 - Site Update

There will be no sensations this time. We have added two demo screens to the gallery. We have also removed the poll, due to lack of interest. In replace we have started Spellscape Newsletter - if you wish to be informed about site updates, feel free to use it.

The F.A.Q section has been updated with new questions ( and some answears ;) - please read it before sending us any mail...

The last news is that this site has won a Golden Web Award. How nice... ;)



01.10.2002 - Peakaboo !

As you can see we're getting better and better in posting news. We hope this way we can somehow make up for their lack before the demo. This time we have updated the project progress details section. You can read there about our current work and what you can expect from the next release of the demo...

Finally we have a mirror on a server outside Poland! Big thanks go to Lukas this time. Now it should be even easier to get the demo !

Butz - The Spider Lord


30.09.2002 - More News...

We would like to thank everyone for all the attention payed to the demo. Many of you have helped us a lot by sending forms from the readme. All suggestions that we recieve will be taken into consideration and hopefully will result in a better demo 2 :)

Thanks to kindenss of Adi a new mirror is up. You can find it in the downloads section, as usual - feel free to use it !

Apart from this, there is now a poll on our site ( just to the right ). We encourage everyone to rate our demo !

And one thing more. The previous news posts have been moved to the News Archive section.



30.09.2002 - First Mirror

Thanks to the kindness of Goliatus form Game Design PL ( we have a first mirror. It has been already placed in the downloads section, so we encourage everyone to try it out :)



29.09.2002 - DEMO !

At last ! The Tech Demo 1 is ready ! It is about 11.6 MB in size - it includes both, polish and english version. 

Although it is a technology demo, we included some plot and tried to make it a little playable. Of course many things are temporary ( like skill icons and monster AI ). 

You can download it in the downloads section. We would like to ask everyone to read the "readme.txt" file. Hope you have fun.



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