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Scattered Chronicles...     

        The only known records made before the Great Revelation are in the possesion of the Order. Unfortunately no one can identify their authors and thus confirm them to be undoubted. 

        If one was to belive in what was written thousends of years ago, the world was once ruled by the all knowing Mage-Lords. Famine, wars and outbrakes were not known to the mankind and common people held such great powers that even the most prominent individualls from the New Order could not match their abilities.

        Unfortunately the residual records do not reveal what happened to such a great civization. It will probably remain a mystery where the Mage-Lords went and what happened to the monumental buildings described in the books. 

        The sceptics claim that the books have been counterfeited even before the Great Revelation and they pose a threat to the New Order. Others speculate that the lore contained in the tomes is true and that it is far more voluminous than the Order was eager to manifest. If the truth was known to the both sides thay would be suprised,  becouse thay all were not mistaken...


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