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The New Order     

        After the Royal Allaince has been diminished and the mages gathered all the power, the known world needed a time of peace. The conflict was very devastating both, for the folk and the land and thus it needed to rise from the ashes. Even the Order, seeing that it is not capable of preserving the magic for itself, wanted a truce. 

        After many years, when wars passed to history, representatives of the most influetial circles of magic - the D'herians, the Order and the newly founded circle of Power - forged and act, which created the Mage's Senate.

        From this moment the mages gained complete power over the land and it's folk. People incapable of understanding magic, as well as those who did not join the forces of the Senate, have been pushed into the margin of the society. Even among the D'herians voices opposing further propagation of magic could be heard...

        The mages have soon realized that thay can not share their powers with everyone, because they would loose crops, craftsmen and would cause only trouble. The Folk was terrorized and had no control over it's fate. Such a situation could not be tollerated. If the mages weren't focused only on their affairs and constant conflicts in the Senate, they would already be aware that an uprising is only a matter of time...


Guilds, Circles and the Senate

        Since magic has returned to the known world, magic users have been gathering themselves into guilds. At first, during the war, it has been done for safety reasons, but soon they began researching new spells and selectively introducing the mystic knowledge to new aprentices. Now, when the New Order has settled for good, it is possible to find mages not belonging to any of the guilds. Mostly they are graduates of magical academies, who notice the unfairness of the New Order and dont want to get involved in politics.

        Every single guild supports one of the three leading circles. By doing so, they can place their people in the Senate and thus take active part in the process of rulling the land.  

        The Circle of D'heria has many followers among liberal and peace oriented mages. They follow D'herias code and claim that magic should be carefully opened to the outside world. Due to their activity in the Senate and the High Council they managed to force the opening of public academies of magic arts.

        The Circle of Order is the oldest and has long lasting traditions. For ages it has been gathering old tomes and updating vast chronicles. They consider themselves to be heirs of the ancient Mage-Lords and claim that all magic should belong only to them.

       The Circle of Power is the youngest and most agressive in it's actions. Similar to the Circle of Order it's followers are oppsing further propagation of magic. In their opinion mages should dominate unmagical folk and conquer new lands in search of greater power...


Academies of Magic Arts 

        At present in the known world only three Academies of Magic Arts exist. Even D'herians realize what could happen if magic fell into the hands of the shattered Royal Alliance. Therefore the number of students accepted is limited and selection is very strict.

        At the Academy all adepts are trained in common magic as well as one of the available specializations. Also they are educated in brewing potions and elixirs.

        Contrary to Guild education, after graduating the Acdemy one can choose to enter a guild or choose another path. Additionaly he is not oblidged to follow the way of one of the circles. Because of this, Academies have always been causing chaos in the Senat and sometimes even in the High Council. The subject of closing them down is mentioned more frequently than ever before...


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