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If you are a person, who loves playing games and has a constant urge to create them, this anoucement is aimed especially at you! We look for people who seek challenges, follow world's best examples and strive for exellence in everything they do. If one of the following development domains matches your interests and skills, it is the right reason to contact us !


2D Graphics

- creating 2d textures
- creating icons for spells and skills
- drawing, planning, artwork


3D Graphics - LOW POLY

- advanced knowledge of 3ds max
- ability to create / texture / animate objects for real-time 3d apllications ( characters, monsters, items, game maps, etc. )


3D Graphics - HIGH POLY

- advanced knowledge of 3ds max or other simmilar package
- ability to create / texture / animate realistic 3d objects 
- complex 3d scenes, character animation - cut scenes, cinematics



- Instrumental music - ambients, cut-scene parts
- Sampling sounds: monster sounds, explosions, doors, steps, etc. 



- advanced C/C++
- Win API, DirectX 8.1
- orientation in: Scripts (Lua), AI, Pathfinding in 3D, various HSR techniques, mathematics of 3d graphics, etc.



- Quest planning, dialogues writing, making up elements of the storyline
- non-playable characters, items and locations creation
- Spellscape RPG system development


It is obvious that, every additional skill is a plus, same as experience gained by working on other projects. We will cooperate both with single persons as well as whole graphic, music or developer teams. It will also be an advantage if you live in Poland, Warsaw. We will answear all mails, but we handle serious and rich in samples letters first.



If you want to create the game with us thinking only about money and profits, don't write to us at all. Spellscape is an amatoure production and probably there won't be any profits - predicting what will happen in the future is impossible now...

We CAN offer you all ( and more ) of the following: 

Gaining experience by working in a large-scale project

Place in the Creadits of the game

Mail, http ( virtual domain ) and ftp account on server

Working together future projects in case of good cooperation on Spellscape project

If you have any doubts, questions or wish to join us, write to:


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